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 Zen's XML Repack Guide

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PostSubject: Zen's XML Repack Guide   Fri Dec 11, 2009 10:19 pm

Zen's XML Repack Release!
If you are unfamiliar with Repacking, you wont be for very long!
Let's do it!

I will release my XML files below.
I will tell you what Wz. File to open and where it goes.
Find the one you want and import it!

Files Type: XML Document
Ex. 0001.img.xml

Text Tut:
Begin Repacking!
Open HaRepacker. (Version 2.6+)
Open the wz file and go to the directory that I
tell you to go to.
Delete the xml's you will be replacing.
Click the directory again, and go to XML - IMPORT
Select the XML(s) you downloaded and extracted.
Import them. Save and your done!

Picture Tut:

------------------------------------------Morph Edits-------------------------------------------

~~~Slime Morph~~~

File: Morph.wz
Directory: 0001.img
Import XML: 0001.img.xml
Download: Here

A Work In Progress

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Zen's XML Repack Guide
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