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 Guide to HaRepacker

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PostSubject: Guide to HaRepacker   Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:11 pm

~Credit to Me for Clean V.62 Files~

All Clean Wz Files

Zen's Xml Guide

~~Credit to Imthatbrick from NoobMs Forum~~

Replacing Images:

1. Open HaRepacker->File->Load->find the Wz file you want to
edit and find the image ID your looking for using the ID download above.

2. Find the image and press "Save PNG" and save it somewhere.

3. Go the Bannedstory website or use a image editor program such as Photoshop or and change the colors and stuff.
If using a picture from someones library, just right click and click "save image."

4. After finished go to HaRepacker and go to replace the image go to
Property->Change Property->Browse PNG->then find your updated
picture and press Submit.

5. After you do all wanted pictures press File->Save and save over
your wz file you used. Press save again and just wait, the saves
usually take time.

*Note Make sure you put the changed image in the same property or it will mess up.

Changing Edits:

1. Open HaRepacker->File->Load->find the Wz file you want to edit.

2. Get an XML file you made or found on the forums and find its ID
using the download above. Find the old XML and Click
Property->Remove Property.

3. Single Click the file that XML is in, it should be highlighted in
blue. Now click XML->Import. Find the folder and click on the XML.

4. Click File ->Save and your done. The save might take a while so be patient.


HaRepacker Downlaod: ?ymlo3nu1kiz

ID List (GM Handbook): vrexa5 or go here:


Bannedstory Simulator:

Bannedstory Guide: Download:

ITB's Edits:

Blue Ludi FM: ?mzy5hegkk23

Pink Crystal Ilbis: Icon:Iconraw:Throw1:Throw2:
Good Luck Editing!!!

~~Credit to Imthatbrick from NoobMs Forum~~

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Begining Posts
Begining Posts

Posts : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to HaRepacker   Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:26 pm

~cough~ My guide Very Happy

Lol the Pink CI look sick on this black background.

And what are the clean edits for, NooBMS?
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Guide to HaRepacker
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